Sunday, November 14, 2010

Being Silly.

AH! SOMEBODY STOLE MY FUZZY PINK BLANKET! It was on my chair and's gone.

I feel like I should be going to school tomorrow but Noooo we have one more day of long weekend left.  It's been pretty busy, but I've gotten to spend time with some pretty amazing people (:  I did have to get fillings but...I have to say it was the coolest dentist's appointment because they gave me nitrous...A.K.A. laughing gas...which makes me crack up.  

It's nighttime which is wonderful because it's quiet, but not as wonderful because it's cold.  But, I have socks and a sweatshirt on.  I would be asleep, I should be asleep, but I've been kept up by all these little tiny thoughts.  They're just split second thoughts but I keep wanting to write them down, so I don't forget them.  Therefore, I dragged myself out of bed and to my computer (I think my eyes are going to fry, maybe I shouldn't go on the computer tomorrow).  

I've had so much gratitude in the past week or so for some pretty incredible changes going on in my life.  I don't know what's happening, but I really like it.  That barely makes any sense, even to me, but I think it's important that I'm feeling thankful for whatever it is.  I have a notebook that I got a long time ago that say something like "First it begins inside your heart.  Something moves.  Then opens.  Then frees itself.  And now you feel a rhythm breaking its long silence.  This is going to be good."

That's how I feel.  It's like potential energy.  Yay for science! 

I feel like I've learned all these lessons a thousand times before- "Stay positive" "Keep your chin up" "Turn that frown up-side down!" (Sorry, cliches).  It's never been this close to me before, and I guess by that I mean that it's never come from me and my heart.  Now it is, and now I think I get it more.  

It makes me want to whistle and sing.  Yeah, I have my hang ups, I have my little anxieties, but overall, they're not really affecting my mood...which is awesome. 

Wheeeeee! Co-op kids...I'm really feeling the WOOHOO right now (:

I have lots of people to thank (Not to mention my ridiculously soft socks and nightie and my peach tea), so thank you very much for being a part of my life!

I don't know maybe it's just the nitrous oxide wearing off (kidding, ladies and gents, that's been gone a while), but I feel like flying!
    Love, Molly.

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